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05:40:06IGNNEU: How Dragon Ball Xenoverse?s Story Changes Everything
05:40:06IGNNEU: Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Goku vs. Yamcha - TGS 2014
05:40:06IGNNEU: Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Still Gorgeous, Still Fun, and Still Surprising - TGS 2014
05:20:06Gamespot.comNEU: What Makes Dragon Ball: Xenoverse so Special - TGS 2014
04:40:05IGNNEU: The Many Looks of Tokyo Game Show
04:40:05IGNNEU: The Hardest Shooting Game at Tokyo Game Show (If You're Fat) - TGS 2014
04:40:05IGNNEU: COD: Advanced Warfare Achievements, Trophies Revealed
04:40:05IGNNEU: The New 3D in the Wild - TGS 2014
04:05:01IGNNEU: Deadpool Movie & New Destiny Events - IGN Daily Fix
04:05:01IGNNEU: Deadpool Movie & New Destiny Events
04:05:01IGNNEU: The New 3DS LL in the Wild - TGS 2014
04:05:01IGNNEU: Sony Teases Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Collaboration - IGN News
03:20:04Gamespot.comNEU: D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Review
03:20:04IGNNEU: PlayStation Announces Flash Sale of Over 25 Racing Games
03:10:04Eurogamer.netNEU: Watch the Boardwalk Empire intro recreated using Grand Theft Auto 5
03:05:03JoystiqNEU: WRUP: Orange Mocha Frappuccino
02:40:02IGNNEU: Minimum Review
02:30:01GamersHellNEU: FIFA 15 New Skill Moves Video
02:30:01GamersHellNEU: Falling Skies Video Game Gone Gold, Enemies Walkthrough Released
02:30:01GamersHellNEU: TOXIKK Second Video Released
02:15:02Eurogamer.netNEU: Hohokum dev's Super Exploding Zoo is the cutest, saddest thing
02:10:04KotakuNEU: Wow, People Are Still Coming Up With Wild Silent Hills Theories
02:10:04GamersHellNEU: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Story Video
02:10:04GamersHellNEU: D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Launched, Tokyo Game Show 2014 Video/Screens
02:05:01JoystiqNEU: Barely Related: The Millennium Falcon's Batmobile baby
01:50:02GamersHellNEU: Meridian: New World Screens 20 September 2014
01:40:05BluesNewsNEU: RIDE Announced
01:40:05BluesNewsNEU: Triad Wars Details Next Week
01:40:05BluesNewsNEU: Battlefield 4 Fall Patch Detailed
01:40:05BluesNewsNEU: Tropico 5 for OS X and SteamOS
01:40:05BluesNewsNEU: Falling Skies Gold - Release This Month
01:20:05IGNNEU: Awesome iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases You Can Get Right Now
01:20:04Gamespot.comNEU: GS News Top 5 - GTA V PC Delay Explained; Trade Games For Ice Cream!
01:10:03Eurogamer.netNEU: Giana Sisters 2 is in development for Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One
01:10:02KotakuNEU: Playing some Destiny this weekend?
01:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Weekend PC download deals: Talk Like A Pirate Day Edition
01:05:02JoystiqNEU: Hyper Light Drifter preview build goes live on Sept. 26
00:40:03JoystiqNEU: Three devs, one house, a corgi and a dream
00:40:02IGNNEU: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Director?s Independent ?Dream Game? on Hold
00:30:02KotakuNEU: The Best and Worst Taunts In The New Smash Bros.
00:20:03IGNNEU: IGN Readers Break Down Their iPhone 6 Purchase Plans
00:20:03IGNNEU: Sleeping Dogs Dev to Unveil New Game Next Week
00:20:03IGNNEU: NBA 2K15 Getting Its Own TV Show - Inside the Game
00:05:05ShackNewsNEU: Five things Silent Hills needs to do right
00:05:01JoystiqNEU: Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes review: Super friends


23:45:04KotakuNEU: Hear a Famous Video Game Character Sing Nicki Minaj's Anaconda
23:45:04KotakuNEU: This Spawn Fan Film Is Better Than The 1997 Movie
23:45:04Major NelsonNEU: MNR 523: Minecraft, Destiny and more
23:45:03ShackNewsNEU: Kerbal Space Program introducing Administration Building to Career Mode
23:40:02JoystiqNEU: Tropico 5 delayed on PS4, now arriving in 'early 2015'
23:35:05IGNNEU: Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
23:25:04ShackNewsNEU: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth gets new story trailer
23:20:03Videogaming247NEU: Project Morpheus 85% complete, smartphone components will keep cost low
23:20:02JoystiqNEU: Bandai Namco TGS pics? Yeah, when Dark Souls 2 freezes over
23:10:01KotakuNEU: Player's Secret Weapon In Destiny's Multiplayer Is...Sitting
23:05:04ShackNewsNEU: Ryse: Son of Rome PC impressions: Face meets sword
23:05:02Videogaming247NEU: Flash Sale on US PS Store discounts over 25 racing games
22:45:04KotakuNEU: The Worse You're Doing In The New Smash Bros, The Harder You'll Hit
22:45:04KotakuNEU: League Of Legends' Neverending War On Toxic Behavior
22:45:03ShackNewsNEU: Why Halo: The Master Chief Collection won't make the jump to PC
22:40:03Videogaming247NEU: Sony plans to launch internet TV service in US later this year, Viacom on board
22:40:01JoystiqNEU: Joystiq Deals: LithiumCard portable battery pack
22:25:04KotakuNEU: Meticulous Visual Recreation Of Moon Landing Shows It Wasn't A Hoax
22:20:01JoystiqNEU: Hohokum dev's latest boasts llamas that go boom
22:15:06IGNNEU: 26 High-Res Photos of the Apple iPhone 6
22:15:06IGNNEU: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Review
22:05:04ShackNewsNEU: Opinion: Final Fantasy 15 TGS trailer hints at history
21:55:02BluesNewsNEU: New GeForce GPUs & Drivers
21:50:06IGNNEU: Hitting The Race Track with PS4's Project Cars - TGS 2014
21:50:06IGNNEU: Outland Is Coming to PC This Month
21:50:06IGNNEU: PC Release Trailer
21:50:06IGNNEU: Release Trailer
21:50:06IGNNEU: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Release Date Revealed
21:50:06IGNNEU: Destiny's Upcoming Events and Rewards Detailed - IGN News
21:45:00Videogaming247NEU: Sleeping Dogs follow-up Triad Wars to be revealed on Monday
21:45:00KotakuNEU: Destiny's Raid Doesn't Take That Long, If You Know What To Do
21:45:00KotakuNEU: Behind The Scenes Of Some Of The Year's Most Interesting Games
21:45:00KotakuNEU: 10 Webcomics That Would Make Incredible TV Shows
21:40:02GamersHellNEU: Assassin's Creed Unity Carve Your Own Unique Path Through Paris Video
21:40:02GamersHellNEU: 2KTV Announced for NBA 2K15
21:35:04PCGamesNEU: FIFA 15 vs. PES 2015 im Demo-Vergleichsvideo: Spielszenen und Grafik
21:35:02JoystiqNEU: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax heads to Europe courtesy of Sega
21:30:07Eurogamer.netNEU: Woman sets Guinness World Record for largest Silent Hill collection
21:25:03KotakuNEU: The Latest Final Fantasy Music Game Is Totally Rad
21:25:03Videogaming247NEU: Forza Horizon 2 live-action video gets the autophile blood pumping
21:20:02GamersHellNEU: Hatsune Miku: Project MIRAI Remix Tokyo Game Show 2014 Screens
21:20:02GamersHellNEU: Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters First Video Revealed
21:20:02GamersHellNEU: TinyKeep Dated, Second Teaser Video Released
21:20:01Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Triad Wars is a 'PC online game'
21:15:07JoystiqNEU: Harmonix announces closure of moribund Rock Band Network
21:15:06IGNNEU: Release Date Trailer
21:15:06IGNNEU: Conquer Online Bruce Lee Video
21:15:06IGNNEU: TGS 2014 Trailer
21:15:05Eurogamer.netNEU: New lighting tech debunks moon landing conspiracy theories
21:15:04Gamespot.comNEU: Reality Check - Best and Worst Hacking In Games
21:05:03ShackNewsNEU: Shacknews Chattycast 12: Talk Like a Saloon Full of Pirates Day
21:05:03GamersHellNEU: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Ships to Europe
21:05:03GamersHellNEU: Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now Released on Steam
21:05:03GamersHellNEU: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Dated, Video/Screens Released
21:05:03GamersHellNEU: Metrocide Coming Next Month
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