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04:05:04KotakuNEU: The Great Cosplay Road Trip
03:40:02Videogaming247NEU: Space Engineers has also sold 1 million copies
03:20:03Videogaming247NEU: Xbox One November update adds custom backgrounds, Snap Internet Explorer and more
03:20:02JoystiqNEU: Boss Fight Books: Season 2 covers Metal Gear Solid, Spelunky, and more
03:10:01Major NelsonNEU: Xbox One November System Update: New TV, Personalization and SmartGlass features now in Preview
03:05:04KotakuNEU: Now This Would've Made For A Great Mario Movie
03:05:04KotakuNEU: Indie Dev Threatens Gabe Newell, Has Game Removed From Steam
03:05:01Videogaming247NEU: Paranautical Activity dev booted off Steam after threatening Gabe Newell
02:45:02Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Halo 2 documentary 'Remaking a Legend' coming soon - trailer
02:45:02Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Heavensward screenshots
02:40:02Videogaming247NEU: The latest Destiny craze is jumping the Hellmouth
02:35:03JoystiqNEU: Doctor Who game starring Capaldi teaches kids to code
02:35:01IGNNEU: Apocalyptic RTS Human Resources from Uber Games Cancelled
02:35:01IGNNEU: Lords Of The Fallen 'Could Not Be Achieved' On Last-Gen Consoles - IGN News
02:25:04KotakuNEU: Big Strategy Game Fails Kickstarter, Makes Giant Monsters Sad
02:25:03ShackNewsNEU: Shack Snack: October 20, 2014
02:25:02Videogaming247NEU: Unreal Tournament builds now available to everyone
02:15:07JoystiqNEU: Space Engineers assemble a million sales
02:15:06BluesNewsNEU: Play Civilization V Free This Week
02:15:06BluesNewsNEU: Door Kickers Released
02:15:06BluesNewsNEU: Far Cry 4 Season Pass Announced
02:15:06BluesNewsNEU: Space Engineers Sells 1M
02:15:06BluesNewsNEU: The Evil Within Soundtrack
02:15:05IGNNEU: Far Cry 4 Yeti Fights & Driveclub Fixed? - IGN Daily Fix
02:15:04Gamespot.comNEU: Amazing-Looking RTS Project Human Resources Canceled by Developers
02:05:05KotakuNEU: 33 Years Later, New Donkey Kong Secrets Are Being Found
02:05:05KotakuNEU: ?The DualShock 4 Has Become A Pretty Great PC Controller
02:05:04Videogaming247NEU: The Stanley Parable has sold 1 million copies
01:15:03JoystiqNEU: UK considers quadrupling prison terms for Internet trolls
01:15:02IGNNEU: 2 Pokemon Games Heading to 3DS Virtual Console - IGN News
01:10:05Gamespot.comNEU: GS News - Halo Franchise Sells 60 Million; New Call of Duty PC Specs!
01:05:04KotakuNEU: ?We're All Tired Of Gamergate
01:05:04KotakuNEU: The Search For The First Video Game To Say 'F***'
00:40:04KotakuNEU: Legion Is The Nicki Minaj of Mass Effect
00:35:02Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Halo Collection's 20GB download saves shipping on 2 discs
00:35:02JoystiqNEU: Far Cry 4 season pass offers yetis, drugs and prison breaks
00:30:04Gamespot.comNEU: A City Sleeps Gameplay - Bullet Hell With Rhythm
00:30:02Videogaming247NEU: Alone in the Dark creator returns to survival horror
00:25:03SteamNEU: Team Fortress 2 Update Released
00:15:03JoystiqNEU: What happened to all of the women coders in 1984
00:10:04Videogaming247NEU: Destiny cartoon takes a jab at some of the sillier stuff
00:05:02KotakuNEU: Tiny People Tripping Over Each Other


23:50:01IGNNEU: Pre-Load Civilization: Beyond Earth Now
23:50:01IGNNEU: Team Samsung White Wins League of Legends World Championships - IGN News
23:50:01IGNNEU: Feast Your Eyes on Over 100 Smash Bros. Wii U Screens
23:50:00Eurogamer.netNEU: République: Episode 3 is due this week
23:40:044PlayersNEU: Dubstep-Podcast: Elephat
23:40:03KotakuNEU: The New Borderlands' Secret Raid Boss Killed In One Hit
23:35:02JoystiqNEU: Beta 2 delivers diplomacy to Galactic Civilization 3
23:30:04Gamespot.comNEU: Quick Look: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
23:30:04Gamespot.comNEU: Play Civ 5 for Free While Preloading Civilization: Beyond Earth
23:25:04SteamNEU: Team Fortress 2 Update Released
23:25:03GamersHellNEU: Zotrix Joins Steam Greenlight, Screens Released
23:20:03ShackNewsNEU: Dead Rising: Watchtower film to star Daily Show's Rob Riggle
23:20:03ShackNewsNEU: A City Sleeps Review: A Beautiful Nightmare
23:15:05JoystiqNEU: Minecraft's 'Titan City' took two years, 4.5 million blocks to build
23:10:06Eurogamer.netNEU: Dead Rising movie will star Rob Riggle as Frank West
23:10:05Gamespot.comNEU: How to Get a Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby Demo Code
23:10:05IGNNEU: Destiny: IGN Hits Level 30 - IGN Plays
23:10:05IGNNEU: Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Coming in Spring 2015 - IGN News
23:10:05IGNNEU: Leaked Image Shows Droid Turbo in Detail
23:10:05IGNNEU: Assassin's Creed & Other Games with Funky Controls - Game Scoop!
23:10:05IGNNEU: Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Review
23:10:05IGNNEU: Out This Week: October 20, 2014
22:55:04KotakuNEU: Everything Goes Wrong When You Try To Kidnap Everyone In The Sims 4
22:45:024PlayersNEU: Komplettlösung: Legend of Grimrock 2
22:40:02Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Far Cry 4 Season Pass includes new missions, day-one content
22:35:02JoystiqNEU: 343: Halo Collection's launch patch negates a second disc
22:20:03ShackNewsNEU: Assassin's Creed Unity's companion app explained
22:15:03JoystiqNEU: Joystiq Deals: Android phone giveaway
22:10:03Eurogamer.netNEU: Spelunky's creator is writing a book about its development
22:10:02IGNNEU: No Pre-Release Beta for GTA 5 on PS4, PC, Xbox One
22:10:02IGNNEU: Free-to-Play Doctor Who Game Teaches Kids How to Code
22:05:06Gamespot.comNEU: Rock Band 4 Could Still Happen -- What Would You Like to See?
22:05:06Gamespot.comNEU: Dead Rising Movie Turns to a Daily Show Veteran for Its Frank West
21:55:04KotakuNEU: The Pokémon Battle That Shouldn't Have Been Cut From Red And Blue
21:55:04KotakuNEU: Research shows Portal 2 is better for you than 'Brain training' software
21:45:05IGNNEU: EA Investigating FIFA 15 Player Transfer Woes - IGN News
21:45:05IGNNEU: App Store Update: October 20
21:45:05IGNNEU: Halo: Nightfall Exclusive Clip - IGN First
21:45:05IGNNEU: Bungie 'There Should Be No Single Answer For How To Win In Destiny' - IGN News
21:45:05IGNNEU: Two Pokemon Games Coming to 3DS Virtual Console
21:45:05GamersHellNEU: Disney Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay Dated, First Screens Revealed
21:35:08ShackNewsNEU: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Hands-On: Guns, Gods, and Puzzle Solving
21:35:01JoystiqNEU: A Golden Wake review: The City Beautiful
21:30:02GamersHellNEU: Door Kickers Released
21:30:02GamersHellNEU: Shadow Warrior for PS4 and Xbox One Coming Tomorrow
21:30:02GamersHellNEU: Dying Light 4-Pack Bundle Announced
21:30:02GamersHellNEU: Far Cry 4 Season Pass Detailed
21:25:05Gamespot.comNEU: Halo Boss Addresses Master Chief Collection's Huge 20 GB Day One Update
21:25:05IGNNEU: Microsoft Could Launch a Smartwatch in the Coming Weeks
21:25:02Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Halo: Nightfall trailer profiles Agent Locke
21:20:05KotakuNEU: What are the Best Rechargeable Batteries?
21:15:03BluesNewsNEU: Jade Raymond Leaving Ubisoft
21:15:03JoystiqNEU: Fist of Jesus is an over-the-top, historically inaccurate brawler
21:10:04GamersHellNEU: Go To Bed: Survive the Night Released, Video/Screens Available
21:10:04GamersHellNEU: Fat Chicken Gets Steam Early Access
21:10:04GamersHellNEU: Supernatural Bundle Released
21:10:04GamersHellNEU: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Announced, Teaser Video Revealed
21:10:034PlayersNEU: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Statement von 343 Industries zum 20-GB-Update
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