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23:25:01IGNNEU: All Tower Emblem Locations - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 2
23:25:01IGNNEU: All Insect Larvae Locations - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 2
23:25:01IGNNEU: All Kafka Drawing Locations - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 2
23:20:04KotakuNEU: ?The 10 Best Things About Building A New Gaming PC
23:15:06Videogaming247NEU: Early Access version of MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore lands on Steam
22:40:06IGNNEU: Steam Machine Models, Pricing Listed on Steam Store
22:40:03KotakuNEU: A List Of Times Hideo Kojima Has Said He's Done Making Metal Gear
22:35:02GamersHellNEU: Running Shadow Released on Steam, Screens/Video Unveiled
22:35:02Videogaming247NEU: Avalanche is making sure Mad Max stays “true to the collective body of work”
22:35:02Videogaming247NEU: Destiny will get another update before House of Wolves drops
22:35:02Videogaming247NEU: A beta version of Guild Wars 2′s streaming client releasing soon
22:25:02IGNNEU: Evolving the Resident Evil Series
22:25:02IGNNEU: State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed - IGN News
22:25:02IGNNEU: Bungie Reveals Why It Really Squashed Destiny's Loot Cave as it Reaches 17 Million Users - IGN News
22:20:03KotakuNEU: Ask Dr. Nerdlove:  My Ex Got Me Into Kink And I Can't Go Back
22:20:03KotakuNEU: If you missed out on This War of Mine or don't have access to a gaming PC, Touch Arcade reports the
22:15:06Videogaming247NEU: Steam storefront updated with Steam Machines, other product pages
22:15:03ShackNewsNEU: Sixense announces Valve and Steam integration for new STEM motion controller
22:15:03ShackNewsNEU: Logitech G303 featuring 12,000 DPI sensor and RGB lighting coming in March
22:05:05Gamespot.comNEU: Notch and Gabe Newell Are Among the World's Richest People
22:05:05Gamespot.comNEU: Sega Teases a Team Up With Pokemon Developer Game Freak
22:05:05Gamespot.comNEU: Is This the End for Xbox 360 & PS3 Games?
22:05:05Gamespot.comNEU: Steam Store Launches New Hardware Section
22:05:05Gamespot.comNEU: New GTA 5 Heists Trailer Shows How System Will Work
22:05:05Gamespot.comNEU: Microsoft Exec Softens Stance on Xbox One Parity Clause
22:05:05IGNNEU: Watch Every Marvel Studios Movie In Order In Theaters - IGN News
22:05:01KotakuNEU: Comcast Is Still Screwing PlayStation Users Out Of HBO
21:45:03Major NelsonNEU: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Two: Contemplation is Now Available for Xbox One
21:35:03Videogaming247NEU: Finally, we get a look at Necropolis in action – video
21:35:024PlayersNEU: Microsoft: GDC 2015: Cross-Buy-Funktion, Controller-Adapter und PC-Performance mit DirectX 12
21:25:02IGNNEU: App Store Update: March 5
21:25:02IGNNEU: Comcast Blocks HBO Go on PS4
21:25:02IGNNEU: Don't Miss IGN's SMITE Xbox One Live Stream
21:20:05KotakuNEU: All The Indie Game News Out Of GDC
21:15:05Videogaming247NEU: Super Dungeon Bros will be one of the first cross-play titles for Xbox One, Windows 10
21:10:04SteamNEU: PC gaming is expanding
21:05:04IGNNEU: Xbox Boss Addresses Christmas Day DDoS Attacks
21:05:04IGNNEU: John Carmack Announces New Oculus-Powered Stealth FPS
20:55:02Videogaming247NEU: Pre-ordering State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition in US nets an in-game knife
20:50:084PlayersNEU: RollerCoaster Tycoon World: Erster Trailer mit Spielszenen
20:35:02Videogaming247NEU: Rollercoaster Tycoon World gameplay teaser video released
20:30:05ShackNewsNEU: AreneNet announces hands-on demo for new Heart of Thorn DLC at PAX East
20:25:03SpeedManiacsNEU: GAME STOCKCAR EXTREME: V1.3 erhält noch realistischere Spielgrafik
20:25:03SpeedManiacsNEU: RaceRoom Racing Experience: Infos und Screenshots zu weiterem Gruppe-5-Wagen
20:25:01IGNNEU: GTA Online Heists - Teamwork Essentials Trailer
20:25:01IGNNEU: This Viewtiful Joe Statue Will Make You A-Go-Go
20:25:01IGNNEU: State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed
20:25:01IGNNEU: Daily Deals: PS4 With A Year of Plus, $315 Xbox One, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
20:15:08Videogaming247NEU: One Heist challenge in GTA Online pays out $10 million in cash
20:15:074PlayersNEU: Elite: Dangerous - Chef-Entwickler spricht über die Konsolenexklusivität für Xbox One
20:15:074PlayersNEU: Cities: Skylines: Zweites Entwickler-Video: Dynamisches Wassersystem, Zonen-Planung und Finanzverwaltung
20:10:03GamestarNEU: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Teaser-Trailer zur dritten Episode
20:10:03GamestarNEU: Project Morpheus - GDC-Trailer: Wie sieht das neueste Modell aus?
20:10:02SpeedManiacsNEU: RaceRoom Racing Experience: Infos und Screenshots zu weiterem Gruppe-5-Tourenwagen
20:10:02SpeedManiacsNEU: Forza Horizon 2: Rockstar Energy Car Pack für Extraenergie - plus Trailer mit Tanner Foust
20:05:05IGNNEU: Azure Striker Gunvolt is Getting a Sequel
20:05:05IGNNEU: Japanese Gameplay Trailer
20:05:05IGNNEU: Gameplay Teaser Trailer
20:05:05IGNNEU: Opening Movie
20:05:04Gamespot.comNEU: HBO Go Blocked on PS4 by Comcast, Just Like on PS3
20:05:04Gamespot.comNEU: Why Virtual Reality Doesn't Work Yet
19:55:05Gameswelt.deNEU: News: Tom Clancy's The Division - PvP-Zonen für bis zu 100 Spieler?
19:35:014PlayersNEU: Special: Anki Overdrive
19:25:03PCGamesNEU: Unreal Tournament: Gameplay-Trailer zu Outpost 23 zeigt Grafik-Showcase
19:25:03PCGamesNEU: Games TV 24 Daily - Der Video-Newsüberblick mit Microsoft, Maxis, Wolfenstein und Double Fine
19:20:03KotakuNEU: White Night Is 2015's Creepiest Game Yet
19:20:03KotakuNEU: 50+ Game Steam Sale, Sony Gold Headset, $8 Blu-rays, and More Deals
19:20:03KotakuNEU: How Blizzard Is Taking Aim At Toxic Players In Heroes Of The Storm
19:15:08Videogaming247NEU: Activision Blizzard makes Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list
19:15:07GamersHellNEU: Executive Assault Gets Steam Early Access, Video Released
19:15:07GamersHellNEU: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Gameplay Video
19:15:07GamersHellNEU: Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo First Video Dev Diary
19:15:07GamersHellNEU: Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise of The Wolf Released, Launch Video Available
19:15:02ShackNewsNEU: Stardock takes RTS to a new level with Ashes of the Singularity
19:10:03SteamNEU: Daily Deal - Space Run, 75% Off
19:10:02GamestarNEU: Feedback Live - Jetzt um 18:30 - Seid live dabei!
19:05:05PCGamesNEU: Servo: Erstes Video zum RTS-Spiel der Age-of-Empires-Veteranen
19:05:04Gamespot.comNEU: New Wave of Indie Games Coming to Wii U
19:05:04Gamespot.comNEU: Elite: Dangerous is Coming to PS4, Braben Clarifies
19:05:04IGNNEU: This Week in the Nintendo eShop
18:55:02Videogaming247NEU: Evolve Hunt for Gold Weekend nets players special monster skin
18:55:02Videogaming247NEU: This video teases contents of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 3
18:50:07GamersHellNEU: Once Bitten, Twice Dead Joins Steam Greenlight
18:50:07GamersHellNEU: Cities: Skylines Third Video Developer Diary
18:50:07GamersHellNEU: Rock Band 4 Announced
18:50:07GamersHellNEU: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Playable Demo Debuts at PAX East 2015
18:35:02Videogaming247NEU: GTA Online Heists teaser video is extremely short
18:35:01GamersHellNEU: Worlds of Magic Powered by Unitiy 5, Gameplay Video Available
18:35:01GamersHellNEU: Crowntakers Released on Mac App Store
18:35:01GamersHellNEU: Trapped Dead: Lockdown Screens 5 March 2014
18:35:01GamersHellNEU: Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Gone Mobile
18:35:01GamersHellNEU: Otherland Second Closed Beta Test Launched
18:30:04ShackNewsNEU: Danganronpa 3 is in 'very early' stages of development
18:25:02PCGamesNEU: Necropolis: Erster Gameplay-Trailer für das ungewöhnliche Roguelike-Spiel
18:25:01IGNNEU: Gaming's First Easter Egg: Adventure - Developer Let's Play with Creator Warren Robinett
18:20:03KotakuNEU: Nintendo Needs To Seriously Consider Making Zombiibos
18:15:06Videogaming247NEU: The Division rumors claim Dark Zones support up to 100 players – video
18:15:054PlayersNEU: Anki Overdrive: Event-Bericht - Michael und Alice trafen die Entwickler in Hamburg
18:15:054PlayersNEU: Cities: Skylines: Zweites Entwickler-Video zeigt Elemente des Spiels
18:05:05PCGamesNEU: Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 1 Launch Teaser
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